SPBPL is situated on the banks of Perennial River Bhavani, So it is assured of excellent water for processing. It comprises of a State-of-the-art fibre preparation line, Paper Board Machine, Coating station and Conversion machinery for the manufacture of all types of paper boards in

BOARD MACHINE (AADHI) -1 : 6 Layer RF Formers, MG with size press

BOARD MACHINE (SURYA)- 2 : 4 Wire multi fourdrinier & 4 Coating station with Tandem Softnip

BOARD MACHINE (SAKTHI) - 3 : 4 wire  multi fourdrinier with top former, both side MG & blade on blade coating

CO-GEN POWER PLANT : 105 TPH High pressure boiler, Siemens turbine, GEA Air cooled condensor & UF/RO Water Treatment

EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT : Company already practising zero liquid discharge using state- of- art technology.